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Hi everyone, my name is Rick Mitchell. I was born in Seattle and ended up in Michigan and from an early age I was interested in computers. I wanted to know how a computer works and studied to get my Microsoft certifications for Systems Engineer and System Administrator.

I began to read numerous books on the modus operandi of computers. I wanted to know more and more.

Eventually I wanted to see how much I knew so I was tested and received my certifications from Microsoft for MCSE, MCSA, and MCP Systems Engineer, systems Administrator and certified professional.

Currently I run my small business dedicated to the computer service. Every day I am repairing computers and working on networks because I’m good at it and it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.

My services

Virus & spyware

Data backup & recovery

Home and office

Website design &

My pricing

Virus & spyware removal

Virus & spyware removal$59.95 and up

Home and office networks

Wired or wireless network setup for up to 3 devices$45
Wired or wireless network setup - additional devices$15 each

Data backup & recovery

Backup of hard drive to external device$65
Backup of hard drive to online device$45
Backup of hard drive to another computer$85
Restoring data from backup$35
Data recovery and file undelete service$45 and up

Website design & maintenence

Domain name$45.00 per year
Hosting$20 and up per month

Happy clients

  • Cindi Amey: I had to use getcomputerhelponline’s service due to my laptop having problems with booting up Windows. I was in severe panic mode because all my resumes and cover letters were stored on this laptop. Rick Mitchell put me at ease and provided me with the utmost quality service of all. Thank you again Rick. You do not even know how much time you had saved me. Thanks Again, Cindi Amey

    Cindi Amey

  • Ginny Blaut: Rick set up our business website for our lodge, did a fabulous job and made himself available to us 24/7 for anything we needed. He’s a great person, professional, caring, intelligent and knows his stuff inside and out. Have no qualms with Rick, instead find great peace of mind and confidence in him, and you will be so very satisfied that you did!

    Ginny Blaut

  • Stu Walls: A couple of years ago I had trouble on a new lap top with Vista. I took it to a shop that charged me $100 and did very little to fix it. A good friend said she knew a man in Michigan who could fix it remotely. I was amazed at how well he did. I have now used his new business and it is even faster and cheaper than any thing around Tucson and I don’t have to take it any where. My first concerns about security were unfounded. I’m very satisfied.

    Stu Walls

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